Respect The Tech: Gadgets We Love This Week #14

06.05.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

Gadgets Of The Week

We’re still here! And we still have our eyes on the multitude of technology that comes out often. Q1’s just begun, so a lot of tech is going to be announced pretty soon. Keep your eyes open this season and we’ll do the same, in order to keep every up on the latest in tech.

Let us know what you think and, if you have tips or ideas, email us.

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1. ipega 7-inch Quad Core HD Android Gaming Tablet

The Android OS has shown its worth with making gaming friendly, marketable systems, as with the Ouya and the Nvidia Shield. With that, you still get a large assortment of Asian-made crap. iPega, though, is a Hong Kong-based company, that has actually made some pretty quality mobile controllers. With this gaming tablet, they created the whole device, with a snappy processor and sweet mapping system, so you can virtually play any game in the Google PlayStore.

Buy: Brando


2. Griffin Shoe Pouch

When you’re not in the mood to wear your wristband or lug around your smartphone, Griffin has got you covered with their alternative tracking device for your workout needs. The tiny device is capable with most fitness trackers, such as Fitbit, Misfit, Sony and Nike+.

Buy: Griffin Tech


3. Vanhawks Valour Carbon Fiber Smart Bike

May is National Bike Month and folks at the gig have been riding their bikes to and from work for the last couple weeks. There is still time for you to join in as well, with the world’s first all carbon fiber smart bike, made by Canadian start-up Vanhawks Valour. With three various editions, all super smart and weighing less than 20 lbs, you might want to cop one of these.

Info: Kickstarter


4. Phantom Keystroker

If the office is getting boring, and you need something to liven up the environment, try this prank device. You simply plug it into any computer, be it Windows, Mac OSX, and even Linux, and watch hilarity ensue. Just hit the switch for your “mistake” of choice, and this prank dongle causes the user to have random keystrokes, errors, and phantom mouse movements. No recommended if you work in a nuclear power plant or with people with no sense of humor.


Buy: Think Geek


5. Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5S case

Sure. Your current case is pretty dinky. And your battery is always almost dead. Well, fix both issues with the behemoth known as the Yellow Jacket case. Part back-up battery case, part stun gun this baby can….stun gun!? You heard it right. Part stung gun. While doubling the life of your iPhone, this the Yellow Jacket will also shoot nearly one million volts into your assumed assailant. If only Jay had know about this…

Pre-order: Yellow Jacket


6. Samsung NX3000 Selfie Camera

With its name pretty much speaking volumes, this sexy, little camera is sure setting the beginning of a new trend: point-n-click cameras with selfie capabilities. Even with its great specs and hefty price, I’m still sure Boosie will be needing one.

Info: Samsung


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