Respect The Tech: Gadgets We Love This Week #5

09.12.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Gadgets Of The Week

A wide array of technology passes our desks, and we want to share the ones that stand out. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Let us know what you think and, if you have tips or ideas, email us.

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1. Tile™

Stop trying to follow your steps and just get a Tile. This doohickey latches itself on your prized possessions and uses GPS to pinpoint its precise location. There is an app to help you find it, or other users of the app can snitch if they are in the item’s vicinity. Whether it’s lost in your couch, or in a hobo’s shopping car Downtown, you’ll never lose your stuff again.



2. Polaroid Instagram Socialmatic Camera

IG fanatics rejoice! You can now pocket your smartphone and just simply use this interesting camera by Polaroid. It takes photos with its impressive 14MP camera and adds the dynamic settings and various filters we love. And since it’s got GPS and Wifi, helping you to tag and submit your pics directly to IG, FB, and Twitterville.

Buy: Social-Matic


3. Cardon Audio Zooka portable Bluetooth speaker

This is awesome. Wireless speakers that second as a dock or a stand? Sign me up. Various colors and a durable build, the Zookas are definitely worth the money.

Buy: Carbonaudioinc

Kegerator 60-1

4. Dreamcade® Kegerator 60

You have your man cave and looking for toys to fill it up? Look no further than a keg arcade know as the Kegerator 60. It’s a intricate arcade column attached with a 60″ display, built in keg with fridge, 3 taps, two cup holders, and a bunch of games.

Buy: DreamArcades


5. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 1080p 3LCD Projector

Ok, so 3D isn’t giving up yet. Epson sees that, and released a budget edition of their 3D projector. It’s got built in speakers, full HD and a 2000 lumens bulb. $999 doesn’t sound so bad when you can watch Walking Dead in 3D on your wall!

Buy: Amazon

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