Respecting The Hustle Of Kevin Hart

04.09.12 5 years ago 30 Comments

With a common theme in life being the art of hustling, respecting someone’s means of success is one thing while appreciating it may or may not be apart of the package deal. For myself, they both happen to define how I feel in regards to Kevin Hart’s ever-tightening vice grip on the entertainment world. Those who took the time to see Laugh At My Pain in theaters or DVD already know the story. In fact, Hart’s rise to prominence isn’t exactly different from those we’ve seen in years past. A young kid from a divorced parent home, finds a talent, goes through the stresses of honing this talent and even has doubts, receives a break, earns some cash and after more years of fine tuning his/her talent receives the opportunity of a lifetime.

See, Hart’s career trek into present day fame is textbook for the most part, but the blueprint doesn’t make it any less inspiring. He’s taken advantage of the climate, the marketing tools (most notably social media), the fact he is a clean cut guy who’s easy to endorse and, the most important factor, good at what he does for a living. With a widely successful tour already listed on his resume and another in progress, not to mention Think Like A Man hitting theaters in two weeks and possibly a film with Seth Rogen in the works, pastures could become even greener for K. Hart.

You don’t have to find Kevin Hart funny or quote any of his material (I do on both, especially this)*. It’s a free country. Yet, like Clifford Harris once noted, the hustle has to be respected because he’s making money doing what he loves to do and making people happy in the process. If that isn’t the American Dream, or at least one of them, I’ve been looking at success wrong since jump street.


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