Responsible Pet Owner Michael Vick Is Getting His Dog Trained At PetSmart

03.05.13 5 years ago 15 Comments

For a little while, there was a tedious debate about whether Michael Vick should be allowed to own another dog after he went to prison for dogfighting and doggy rapestands. Well, Vick does currently have a dog, so you can probably guess how all that turned out.

Still, dog lovers should be at least somewhat pleased to learn that Ookie is making an effort to care for Angel, the Belgian Malinois his family adopted. Readers of the Philly sports blog Crossing Broad submitted photos of Vick getting his dog trained at a PetSmart in New Jersey, perhaps the finest establishment in canine behavioral training that someone with diminishing income can buy.

The tipster says that Vick frequents the store and signed up for a total of six training classes on Monday evenings, with this being the second week. The first picture was taken last week, and the following were taken this evening (Vick, or his account, actually tweeted during the class).

That’s okay that Vick is tweeting during class. He isn’t the one being trained. Besides, all he cares about is the lesson where the dog learns not to eat his weed.

There are a few more photos on Crossing Board, in case blurry pics of Michael Vick looking bored is your thing.

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