Rest Easy, Boston Sports Mascots Will Avenge The Marathon Bombing

04.16.13 5 years ago 53 Comments

The country is still shaken and still searching for answers to what happened in the bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday. Even those who weren’t directly affected struggle to cope with the sense of unease that results after such a disaster. Certainly, that unease is especially felt in Boston itself. Just as some people find comfort in family or work, others derive security and pride in their local sports fandom. Whatever works, I suppose. To that end, someone created this inspirational image of four mascots of Boston’s pro sports franchises (sorry, fox mascot from Boston’s MLS team) vowing revenge on whoever is responsible for the bombing. So beware, evil doer, whoever you are, for not only are federal authorities on your tail, but so too is the motley crew of a bear, a leprechaun, a guy with a tri-corner hat and a musket, as well as whatever the hell the Red Sox monster is. You facked with the wrong city.


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