Miraculous return to form by T.O.

11.03.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

The resurrection of the Sex Cannon wasn’t the only whiff of nostalgia in the air yesterday. After the Cowboys’ latest humiliating defeat, we were treated to something we had assumed had gone the way of the passenger pigeon or Keith Olbermann’s sense of humility: Terrell Classic.

See how skillfully Terrell belabors the fact that he isn’t going to give his opinion, and then deftly solicits quarterbacking from the assembled media. Crafty! My mother-in-law is a black-belt in passive-aggressive behavior, but she could learn some tricks from ol’ 81.

This is the T.O. of old– not the ODing, blubbering, admonisher-of-popcorn-preparation Terrell we’ve seen since he joined the Cowboys. No, this is the sulking egomaniac we remember from S.F. and Philly– the one who wouldn’t think twice to openly question the heart (and/or sexuality) of his quarterback. Welcome back, old friend. We missed you.

[ thx to Xmas Ape for clip ]

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