Late Pass: Reva DeVito & Ronae Namuh’s “Frozen” Is Quality Music

08.04.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


This is well worth the five minutes.

First and foremost, here’s an incredibly late pass for a more-than-groovy song. Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh’s “Frozen” has lived on the Internet for well over 14 months now, but thankfully quality music lacks expiration dates. And, well, to be perfectly honest, by the time it came to my attention the video was uploaded to YouTube May 12 of last year, deleting these words wasn’t an option.

TSS receives a lot of e-mails detailing music, some of which is good, more than its fair share of which doesn’t tickle our fancy. Yet, this particular subject line read “If D’Angelo and Janis Joplin had a baby…” Call it a stroke of good faith being reciprocated by instant karma because it turns out “Frozen” was cold as hell.

More than capable of becoming the soundtrack for close to any relaxing setting, the effortless blend of a buttery smooth voice (Reva) and massage-like production (Ronae) is a potluck of influences in styles from rap, to jazz, to R&B, to blues. There’s an innocence in the song that bleeds over into the video. The same innocence found in the most natural and blessed relationships.

The only question remaining is if the entirety of their Cloudshine Deluxe matches the expectations “Frozen” created. If it does, Reva and Ronae officially have a new fan. And I’m willing to bet a lot more, too.

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