“Showing Out” – Review Of Trina’s Amazin’

07.19.10 7 years ago 25 Comments

If you’re wondering how Trina still manages to string along a rap career, the notion isn’t as disrespectful as it may seem. More concerned with maintaining her celebutante stature than clicking her six-inch heels on a concert stage, each album rollout seems to be more uninspired than the last. Circling the block for her fifth full-length LP, Trina struts her stuff this time with Amazin’, a project which is anything but.

Those instantly ready to nail Ms. Taylor to the cross however, will have to get past her supporting cast first. The squared song structures from producers like J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem and a slew of star guests save Amazin’ from total persecution. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross cash free checks on the thundering “Currency” while elsewhere, Trina avoids jealous tendencies as she shares the “Dang-A-Lang” with the more popular Nikki Minaj.

Fevered club passion such as the Flo Rida-featured “White Girl” are to be expected, as is Trina sneaking in her trademarked lyrical WTF moment. The cheesy “Always” showcases the Diamond Princess’ creative hangups as she details her hubby’s networth with trash like “I’m riding with him like Obama/because he don’t give me drama/and his bank account say ‘comma, comma, comma…comma, comma.‘” Seriously?

And once the mascara begins to run, there’s no saving face. To say Trina’s contest is shallow would be an understatement—it’s damn near nonexistent. When she’s not breaking her press-ons across the cheeks of “hater bitches” as heard on “Let Dem Hoes Fight,” there’s always time to sleep with someone else’s man as she reveals for “On The Hush.” Nothing tops the astrology assness of “Capricorn,” the grand finale, though. Over a whimsical jazz melody, Trina attempts to add spoken word into her Prada® bag while singer Shonie unintentionally sounds like she’s crooning a parody tune. No thank you, Sister Souljah. Not now and not ever.

Generic is as generic does and the marvels of Amazin’ cease at the title. Long-time supporters may find a few “Ooooh girl” moments but the majority of Trina’s latest sound like it was created just because she can.

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