Rewriting History: How Tom Brady & Mo Lewis Altered A Decade’s Football Fortunes

09.23.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

The most ironic thing about modern day dynasties is that many of them begin from the most inauspicious beginnings. Perhaps that symbolizes the beautiful aspect about life; we never know when “that moment” occurs. Richard Gordon accepted credit card payments online to view porn and before we knew it, a multi-billion dollar industry was thrust into existence (yes, pun). J.K. Rowling put out a book about some wizard kid named Harry Potter and the series went on to become the new Star Wars. And, the greatest of them all, Facebook was born because of Mark Zuckerberg’s anger with a female friend.

It gets even better when talking sports dynasties. The 2000 Lakers were down 15 heading into the fourth quarter of Game 7 in the Western Conference finals. The best news cycling ever received was when Lance Armstrong was told by doctors he was officially cancer free. Meanwhile, on this day 10 years ago, Mo Lewis became a Beantown icon – not initially, though – when he blasted Drew Bledsoe, who had the novel idea of taking a linebacker head on. What happened next was something the eccentric mind of Hollywould would even blush over.

Bledsoe becomes Craig Mack to Tom Brady’s Notorious B.I.G. Brady leads the Pats to the Super Bowl beating the favored Rams. They go on to capture two more and nearly a fourth had it not been for the luckiest play since some kid named Jordan fell in Jerry Reinsdorf’s lap in 1984. Brady (Biggie) grows into an all time great quarterback and media darling (still in process). Bill Belichick (Puffy), Spygate not withstanding, is credited as the premiere mastermind of the generation. On second thought, is this what Bad Boy Records was supposed to be?

Still, Mo’s sinus-clearing hit not only turned Patriots fans from ashy to classy (this connection keeps growing!). He helped co-author the past decade’s sports history in more ways than one.

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