Rex Ryan Scratches Traffic Light Color Code for Geno Smith

10.04.13 4 years ago 15 Comments


Poor Geno Smith. Apparently being drafted by the Jets and thrown to the wolves as a rookie aren’t bad enough. Now he has to deal with reports that he’s having so much trouble grasping a system that even Mark Sanchez understood that head coach Rex Ryan was mulling using a color code system. According to the initial reports yesterday, Ryan was thinking of implementing something of a traffic light-style system for the struggling Smith.

Designated red plays indicate a need to be conservative, yellow means he must be cautious and green indicates the quarterback can be aggressive.

Today, though, Rex rolled back on that report, saying:

“I really haven’t planned anything specifically yet with him, but we’ll see what happens during the week,” Ryan said before practice. “I had mentioned that red-yellow-green, and hey, whatever it takes.”

Smith said after practice that the Jets hadn’t spoken to him about using the wristband system.

“If it helps the team and if it helps me get better,” Smith said, “then I’m all for it.”

Well, at least Smith is game. And it’s not like he’s a big butt fumble on the field; his (alleged) leaked Wonderlic score was a 24. Jay-Z could have rapped a song about it.

Meanwhile, Brandon Weeden continues to use a Speak-N-Spell to translate signal calls. God, I’m so sorry, Browns fans.

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