RGIII compares himself to Abe Lincoln, here are some reasons why

02.13.14 4 years ago 52 Comments


Its Presidents day weekend folks. Time to stock up on mitsubishi electronics, cheap mattresses, Used cars and other things with a longer shelf life then a scrambling Quartberack. Yesterday was also RG3s birthday which he shares with Abraham Lincoln,, something that the Redskins pointed out yesterday.

But today RG3 had to open his big attention seeking mouth about it, tweeting “respect” at Abe Lincoln,, who isnt on twitter ICYMI.



Plus I dont think honest Abe could ever shorten down a speech into 140 characters. Naturally the internet jumped all over RG3 like it was any mediocre defensive tackle in the league, and Griffin soon learned a nother valuable lesson. Or not.


You know I tend to agree with Griffin on this one lets take a look at all the similaritys between Griffin and our 16th President:

  • Both “Griffin” and “Lincoln” comtain 7 letters
  • Both Injury prone
  • Griffin is only going to have 4 scores in the next 7 year’s
  • Both struggle with passing anything in Washington DC
  • One wore a stovepipe hat the other smokes out of one
  • Neither one should ever be allowed near a play
  • One grew a beard the other married one no offence
  • Lincoln freed the slaves, Griffin probably would of done that to
  • Both have silent letters in there names, the “L” for Lincoln and the second “f” in Griffin
  • Lincoln wasnt as good as W, Griffins not good enough to get one
  • Lincoln lost as many states in a year as Griffin did games


  • Both lost there jobs when they were watching a performance of a American Cousins


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