RG3 debuts new personal symbol. You know who else had a logo? Hitler.

04.08.14 3 years ago 63 Comments
Coincidence? I dont think so

Coincidence? I dont think so

So I guess Robert Griffin the Third Reich thought he could just slip this news under my nose when Im out, well guess what it didnt work. This only serves as confirmaton, kind of, that Griffin is actualy literally Adolf Hitler.

“Prince Bob” Griffin decided that he would try and sneak a Saturday news dump when he anounced he was going to change his name into a symbol that aparently stands for “The athlete formerly known as a starting NFL QB.” This guys more concerned with his logos then ligaments. That much is clear, but even for a QB who lives life in front of a mirror- this is to ugly to ignore.

Its a stunning twist for a Subway spokesman that Griffin is litrally getting too big for his britches.

It would of been cool at least if RG3s mascot was literally a Griffin shooting flames out of its butt with a torn ACL or something but instead he tried to copy Hollywood- this is what I call a “Look like Transformer, Play like GI Jane” type situaton. Ironic that he tried to make it a Optimus Prime logo but it turns out to be a Decept Icon. I mean that things a travesty it makes you wonder if Griffin new that he could design himself a logo without giving Japanese kids seizures. And even though he probably did know, he wouldnt of cared. Par for the course, IMO.

Raise your hand if you were schocked by Griffin creating a symbol for himself… go a head I’ll wait. I mean this is a guy who would need to remove a rib if he wanted to get any more full of himself. Next is a full list of championship QBs who have there own symbol:

Notice anything? I didnt write anyones name. Know why? Still confused? Well Mr Griffin I’ll splain it for you: THERES NO ONE WHOSE DONE IT!!!!

Did Griffin really fail to learn anything from Michael Jordon?? Michael could have been considered among the best NBA players of alltime (maybe even Mt Rushmore who knows) if he had spent as much time working on his jumper as he did selling jumpsuits. Airhead Jorndon will always be a what might of been story, a guy who rings will never mean as much to him as his sneakers.

You want to talk about branding? Do it the old fashion way with a case of busch heavy and a coat hanger in a fire- but suprisingly Griffin wasnt in that type of fraternity despite the fact that hes only good at rushing.

Lastly you cant make your own cymbal if your marching to your own drum folks. Heres a bunch of fokls who are more derving of a logo then RG3-13:







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