RG3 Is Literally Hitler

11.24.13 4 years ago 14 Comments


Robert Griffin the Third Reich has all the tools to be the worst QB in world history and also one of the worsed human beings of all time folk, I just cant even believe the news anymore. Hes turning the Redskins into Washington Reichstags and literally exploding the team from the inside. Dont believe me? Well Mike Silver snuck a way from his most recent audition for the muppet’s long enough to report that RG3 has been holding the quality control staff hostage by forcing them to eliminate gamefilm of all of his mistakes this year.

Folks I dont like to make big exaggerations but this is straight out of 1984 and “Big Brotha” thinks hes playing by a different set of rules. The report is that “playas” coach Art Briles and his flashy high scoring Baylor Offense let Griffin personally edit his own highlight reels for filmstudy, but that the Redskins put there moccasins down when RGodfather3 asked for complete control over his gametape since he apparently cant have it when it comes to his pass-accuracy. Art Briles set a terrible president by appeasing Griffin, and thats only encouraged him to keep taking and taking more. Now hes claiming that hes being bullied by his own play during team meetings, and next thing you know he’ll demand that his INTs shouldnt count in fantasy football either folks, its time we pin our ears back abd storm the beach before he gets out of hand. I dont think its out of line to question Griffins political leanings at this point but I think we’re well passed “Nazi” by this point. People forget that Hitler was regarded by the entire world as a Elite ruler at first getting on the cover of all kinds of Magazines and winning rookie of the year and stuff too before tiring the World out with his “Me-first” shenanagins and lack of commitment to his ground game in Russia during playoff time. The only difference is that Griffin cant get his drives to run on time folks not to be offensive.

Between Griffins play outside the pocket and the Obamacare fiasco the past 2 months in DC have been the worst in history for Washington rollouts,, and like Obummer, Griffin better get use to reaching accross the aisle because he’s going to be selling peanuts in FedEx field before you know it folks.

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