Richard Sherman: It’s almost racist to not let NFL players use the N-Word

03.03.14 4 years ago 55 Comments

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The debate over whether NFL players should be aloud to use the N-Word is one of the greatest debates our nation has ever faced sense trying to guage whether Joe Flacco is Elite, or trying to figure out by how many votes did George Bush win Florida. Is it ok for a Black player to say it to a White player? For a White player to say it to a White player? For two Black players to say it when talking about a White players whose a honorary Black?

The rules are complicated- according to ESPNs Bomani Jones, White people are aloud to say it ONLY if there in Blackface and can take a punch. To be honest with you Ive have a hard time thinking about the different levels of reverse racism involved in each of these scenarois. But eloquent well spoke clean Stanford graduate Richard Sherman has one-upped me in todays MMBM:

“It’s an atrocious idea,” said Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman. “It’s almost racist, to me. It’s weird they’re targeting one specific word. Why wouldn’t all curse words be banned then?”

That is a STRONG TAKE by Sherman. According to him, now its racist for people to NOT use the Nword what a game changer. Thats like double reverse racism with a doublestandard PC Police officer twist. Where does Sherman get off claiming HIS rights are being violated saying its its racist to not let Black players use a word that White players arent aloud to use because White people use to use the word in a racist way like 500 years ago? Funny how a guy who knows so much about inside coverage has aparently never opened a history book.

Isnt it really racist against White players whove been waiting pateitnly for hundreds of years to be aloud to use the NWord in a non-racist way? Wheres our history month? What are we suppose to tell every young White child who was born after racism died when we elected Obama who has been oppressed by this rule?

This rule is to confusing too enforce in my opinoin. I have so many questions that need to be answered before they can even think about passing legaslation:

  • What if your just quoting a rap song or a Paula Dean recipe?
  • What if you say “no offense” right after?
  • What if instead of “a” or “er” at the end I invented a cool new respectful conjagation of the NWord that ends in “o”? Can I say that word to whoever I want and not face consequences?

Funny how the leagues banning on-field slurs but its still ok to use hurtful words that are actual team names like when people use the word “Patriot” to disrespect conservative White males just because some of us happen to think “enoughs enough.” Wake up get mad before its to late.

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