Richard Sherman Keeping The ‘Fail Mary’ Alive

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05.16.13 46 Comments

On July 7, Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman will host his Celebrity Softball Game for charity, as his teammates and other local bigshots will take the field at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma for nine innings of good, clean fun. And just to make sure that it is extra fun for the Seahawks fans donating their hard-earned coin to people in need, the Shermanator has invited a very special guest umpire.

Remember the Ref who called TD during the Green Bay Game Monday Night??? His name is Lance Easley and he is going to Umpire for us July 7th! Don’t be surprised if a few flags are thrown.

Why would a few flags be thrown? Easley called the TD for the Seahawks. If anything, Sherman should have said, “Don’t be surprised if a few unearned runs are scored.” Either way, Seahawks fans lit up the charity game’s Facebook post with support, as one fan replied that this is “the most epic addition ever”, presumably while playing his air guitar, and another declared, “That was the best call ever! beastMode!! #12MAN!! #Wilson got robbed of Rookie of year!! Seahawks4Life”.

Never doubt the passion of the 12th Man. What’s more amazing, though, is that Easley has actually written a book about his infamous Hail Mary touchdown call, entitled, “Making the Call”.

How would you deal with it?

◊ A critical decision in just seconds
◊ A dream fulfilled and shattered in the same moment
◊ Then the Scorn and Hatred from millions

And, I assume, a chapter about coping with your dream being shattered by going out and getting hammered with coeds.

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