Richard Sherman Cooks Healthy Stuff For The First Lady

05.29.14 3 years ago 52 Comments

Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson did a video with Michelle Obama to promote healthy eating so America’s youth know how to fuel up right and Play60 like a champ. Using his cooking prowess, Sherman served up a dish of corn, salmon cakes and succotash, which is actually a food you can eat and not just something Silvester the cat made up for a catchphrase. Sherman also did his signature yelling at the camera, because berating people is just as welcome in the celebrity chef world as it is on the football field.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of the Vince Wilfork diet, which combines working out with eating so you know it’s good for you. Plus Wilfork’s also a professional athlete so if it works for him, there’s no way it’s not healthy for me too.

Salmon cakes sounds fine, but I know for a thing that Sherman wasn’t using the Seahawks’ recipes. That generally calls for a light drizzling of Adderall.


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