Richard Sherman Gives Best Postgame Interview In NFL History

01.19.14 4 years ago 110 Comments


So usually what happens when Erin Andrews interviews key playmakers on the winning team after a game, the script is pretty much pre-written.  There’s a lot of stuff about trust in teammates, acknowledgement that the win was a team effort, and respect, feigned or otherwise, for the opposing team.

Tonight, after the Seahawks won the NFC Championship, Richard Sherman decided “you know what?  Fuck that”.  The video is required viewing, especially given the fact that the whole thing lasts 20 seconds.  If you’re at work or somewhere you can’t view it, though, highlights include Sherman just straight up calling Michael Crabtree a “sorry receiver”, and ending the interview by shouting “L.O.B”.  Enjoy it while you can, before a bunch of haughty sportswriters condemn Sherman for playing well and daring to do something interesting.  Also before the NFL takes it down.

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