Richard Sherman’s Antics Were A False Flag Operation To Distract Us From Goodell Eliminating The Extra Point

01.20.14 4 years ago 55 Comments

Lord Rog

While the news media was ablaze with white hot takes on Richard Sherman’s postgame interview with Erin Andrews and what it meant for the crumbling (or strengthening) of the empire, Lord Rog quietly announced in an interview on the NFL Network (synergy) with Rich Eisen (paid with The Shield’s dollars) a plan to possibly eliminate the point after attempt (all kickers are potential troublemakers with too much time on their hands; see also Kluwe, Chris; Reed, Jeff; Janikowski, Sebastian).

What would replace the extra point kick? Take a guess.

A) All touchdowns are worth 7 points since point after kicks are “automatic” according to Goodell.
B) Only going for two-point conversions for the PAT, eliminating the kick.
C) Successful two-point conversions would actually be worth 1 point, making a TD and PAT be worth 8 points
D) If the scoring team fails on the running or passing PAT conversion, they are punished and their touchdown is worth only six points.
E) All of the above because this is the NFL and why have one rule when you can have four.

Let’s put aside the fact that at a time when the league is obsessed with talking about increasing player safety forcibly adding one more running play or receiving play to each scoring drive only increases the odds significant injury, where is the outrage that extra kicks are boring? They’re not. When the Lions had to take a time out so their linemen could clear aside nearly a foot of snow for David Aker’s kick only to have it blocked by Bennie Logan, it wasn’t boring. It was a clear demonstration that field conditions and weather matter at every level of the game, even at the most basic and efficient scoring opportunities.

And who can forget John Carney’s missed field goal that kept the 2003 Saints out of the playoffs.

Imagine having run the River City Relay, being gassed from hook and laddering down the field and then having to decide if you want to win by one, lose by one or risk overtime?

Much like the continued pressure for a London presence, Goodell continues to look to for ways he can add to his legacy as the NFL commissioner and change the dialogue about what his time on the throne has done for the league. Bottom line, one more rule change that makes the game more dangerous for the players and in a way, less fun for the fans. Because without extra point kicks, we wouldn’t have this:

So good job with the bread and circuses today, Lord Rog. While everyone talked about Sherman and sportsmanship, you changed the game.

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