Richie Incognito Is Really Sorry Now, You Guys

02.18.14 4 years ago 113 Comments

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Just last week, Richie Incognito went on an indignant Twitter rant, in which he proclaimed his certain victory over Jonathan Martin in the then-forthcoming investigation of the Dolphins locker room, before finishing things off by informing the world that Martin had confided in him that he had considered suicide last March. Just a really savvy way to deflect claims that you’re a meathead bully.

But then the Ted Wells report surfaced on Friday. Its unequivocal finding that Incognito was an abusive figure not to just to Martin but also a team trainer put Incognito’s supposed triumph in doubt.

The Internet was given a few days to compose ponderous thinkpieces at the whole affair before Incognito showed up on Twitter late last night to offer his apology to his former friend. You can doubt the sincerity of his apology, but don’t question his commitment to #TEAMNOQUIT.

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