EXCLUSIVE: Richie Incognito’s Message Was Just A Meme Too

11.10.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

Its important to understand the proper context of Incognito’s message as well:

Jay Glazer responded to the allegations that Martins “incriminating” text was nothing more than a meme by releasing the content of Richie’s messages in a exclusive report to KSK,, and it all seems like a big misunderstanding from the get-go.

Turns out it was just a case of two best friends sending each other the latest hilarious internet memes just like I always predicted. Case closed, nothing to see here folks move a long. FYI this meme is highly sharable for a few laughs to your boss, babysitter, or your connections on LinkedIn and Facebook so feel free to pay it forward to anyone who looks like they could use a good laugh.

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