Rick Reilly, a Poem by Rick Reilly

05.13.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

Hi, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m Rick Reilly. Many people have already commented on my incredible, insightful poem I released about the New York Jets. I know you are just hankering for more Rick Reilly, because why wouldn’t you be? I’m Rick Reilly! So here is a special KSK exclusive poem about Rick Reilly, by me, Rick Reilly!


Rick Reilly, a poem about Rick Reilly, by Rick Reilly

My name is Rick Reilly
I make more money than you
My words make people Smiley
My wit turns the sky blue

I’m the best writer there is
by the way my name’s Rick Reilly
it rolls from the tongue like cheese whiz
Rick Reilly Rick Reilly Rick Reilly

People all around me
ask how my writing is so bold
I tell them it’s cause im Rick Reilly
my shit is made of gold

Some folks call me a hack
Me? But I’m Rick Reilly
I can’t be a hack cause I’m the Mack Daddy
Oh, wait, that doesn’t rhyme

Wait, I messed up. let me start again.

Because I am Rick Reilly
I get all the mulligans I want
ESPN pays me anyway
I’m like a finely crafted croissant

the Editor thinks I should fix my error
I should fire him, I’m Rick Reilly!
Proper Rhyming schemes
Too constraining for Rick Reilly!

What’s this bullshit about stanzas
I go my own way, I’m Rick Reilly!
I’m like George Costanza
From How I met your mother

These are getting much harder to write
even for me, Rick Reilly
Maybe I should just rhyme my name a lot
Rick Reilly Rick Reilly Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly Rick Reilly Rick Reilly?
Rick Reilly Rick Reilly Rick Reilly!
(Rick Reilly Rick Reilly Rick Reilly)
Rick Reilly Rick Reilly Rick Reilly.

Love, Rick Reilly

 (editors note: Rick Reilly)

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