While You Slept: Somebody Apparently Tried To Kill Rick Ross

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.28.13 35 Comments

In the early dawn hours of Monday morning, Rick Ross was involved in a car crash that may have been preceded by an attempt on his life. According to reports, Ross’ vehicle crashed into a Florida diner while eluding gunfire directed at his Rolls-Royce. Per the Miami Herald, no one was injured from the gunfire or crash.

“A Rolls-Royce crashed into a building on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale early Monday after being shot at more than a dozen times from what neighbors said was a high-powered rifle.

“Bullets shells scattered in the 1500 block of Las Olas and at least one shot pierced the window of the iconic Floridian diner, where witnesses said South Florida Rick Ross had just left and was driving away in his car.

“No one was hurt in the shooting and the resulting crash, said Fort Lauderdale police detective DeAnna Garcia. She declined to say who was in the car.”

Of course, the first inclination is to assume the incident could be related to Rozay’s prickly Gangster Disciple problem, the one he says he doesn’t have. But with sketchy details available, associating the two would be speculation. Of course, with anything potentially bad happening to MMG, there’s always a 50 Cent response that goes with it. Ever the antagonist, Curtis took to his Instagram to share a pic assumed to be Ross’ vehicle and his observation that the whip had no bullet holes.

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