Rihanna Shoots Another Ad With Armani, Becomes Even Sexier

03.08.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Hi, Rihanna.

I’m writing this post on you, so through the unwritten rules of courting, we go together now.

Ok, not really, but Armani was apparently so pleased with Madame Rih-Rih’s first ad, they doubled up with an even more erotic clip that features the Barbados goddess (yes, my thirst is nearing code red levels) in damn near nothing. Because this is a family site, the thoughts that were running through my head seeing her toss and turn will be left up to the imagination. Click play and let your mind join my own in the most luxurious seatings the gutter has to offer.

Just as a suggestion, Armani should complete the trifecta by releasing the final commercial featuring Rihanna and Pilar Sanders. **shivers**

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