RIP Plaxico Burress’ Career

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Plaxico Burress was carted off the field at Steelers practice on Thursday after tearing his rotator cuff. It’s an injury that not only spells the end of his season, but likely his NFL career. It may not be a Hall of Fame career but it was a pretty impressive one, all things considered.

Obviously, Plax will always be something of a punchline on account of that time he shot himself in the leg in the club, perhaps deservedly so, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also acknowledge some of the other noteworthy things he did in his career. So let’s remember five standout moments from the career of Plaxico Burress, shall we?

Godspeed, Plax. Enjoy your post-football career of selling luxury socks.

Seriously, Plaxico Burress scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl to deny the Patriots a perfect season. That alone should get him a free pass to murder someone, let alone shoot himself in the leg. We owe this man a debt, people.

Let’s not forget that Plax also pretty much called the result of the game beforehand, making Tom Brady look even more like a jackass in the process.

A few things standout immediately upon starting this video. The first being, HOLY SHIT REMEMBER THAT YEAR TOMMY MADDOX WAS A STARTING QUARTERBACK AND ACTUALLY TOOK A TEAM TO THE PLAYOFFS? THAT HAPPENED! Once that sensation passes, he quickly realize that Plaxico Burress was a monster in this 2002 game against Atlanta, in which he posted 253 yards (!!!). The game ended in a tie. The final play was another Burress reception, with him being tackled on the 1-yard line. Yup, that sucks, but at least he made it one of the more memorable ends to a tie game ever.


In Plaxico’s rookie season in 2000 in a game against the Jaguars, he caught a pass, went to the ground, got up without being contacted and spiked the ball. That was a fumble and it was recovered by the Jaguars. Undeniably a pretty huge derp, though hardly as upsetting as the fact that footage of this event is unavailable anywhere on the Internet. Even and their stupid video player doesn’t have it. This needs to be rectified at once.

It’s remarkable that Al Harris did not retire after this game. Actually, scratch that. It’s remarkable that Al Harris did not commit seppuku at midfield immediately after this game ended. He would have if Al Harris had any honor.

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Okay, you can’t have a Plaxico Burress career retrospective without the shooting. Even if you happen to be the biggest Plax fan ever, you’d have to admit it was damn funny. Though it was unfair that Michael Bloomberg made an example out of Burress just to push his own gun control bona fides.

Also worth noting that Stevie Johnson once did an end zone celebration mocking this incident.


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