Rob Gullatte – “Trill Hip Hop” Video

04.08.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

In this brave new world listeners often hear an artist’s name buzzing amongst the tastemakers, see the viral video posted on their favorite rap blog, check out the “leaked” cover, tracklist and the behind-the-scenes video, all before actually experiencing a song–you know, actual lyrics and beats and such. In such an environment, it’s refreshing to be exposed to a YouTube link by an unfamiliar artist to just see and feel a track on its own merit, without the momentum-building marketing campaign.

The homie Shea Serrano posted Rob Gullatte’s “Trill Hip Hop” video on a message board we both frequent with a simple note: “I can’t immediately think of any new music that is significantly better than it.” His short sales pitch intrigued me enough to click the link. It left me pleasantly surprised, even though I had not yet seen an abundance of promotional materials featuring his name. Can you believe that?

The dusty sample and boom-bap drums don’t immediately strike you as that classic Houston sound that A$AP Rocky made famous (jokes, relax), but Rob’s intense and laidback verses slow the track’s feel down to a more familiar Southern vibe. The video is similarly direct and gritty: Rob poses with a pitbull, cops a cigarillo and schools a local youth, all outside a gas station.

You have until the end of this post before this guy is officially inducted into the hype machine. Watch the video and learn this guy’s name before it’s too late.

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