Rob Ryan Bought Drinks For An Entire Bar After Saints Win

09.10.13 4 years ago 31 Comments


Rob Ryan made his debut on Sunday as the Saints defensive coordinator. New Orleans closed out their victory over the Falcons with a late defensive stand, reminding the rest of the league that they are indeed capable of stopping others from scoring. Furthermore, they gave Wolfman Rob a reason to hit the town to celebrate, though he might have done that anyway.

Once [Ryan] got out of the Dome, the defensive coordinator wanted to let WhoDat Nation share in his postgame jubilation. Soon after the game ended Sunday, the Dude apparent strode into legendary Uptown dive Ms. Mae’s, and laid down enough cash for more than a few fists of post-game drinks.

“He put down 100 bucks and was like buy everybody a round and keep the change,” bartender Jason Matherne said.

Anyone who has seen the sun come up outside of Mrs. Mae’s knows $100 can buy a lot.

“In here, that’s like a fortune,” said Matherne.

It was welcome news when it came out that Rob Ryan was going to New Orleans because we new there would be stories of debauchery to come. This is more Rob Ryan being a nice guy than a dude getting weird, but give it time.

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