Robert Griffin III literally PUNCHED George W. Bush

09.02.14 3 years ago 28 Comments


In case you missed it Robert Griffin III had his first non-sandwhich statute unveiled of himself at Baylor this weekend during the opening of the teamses new football stadium. You know the last time a guy thought he was worthy of this much worship in Waco thing’s didnt turn out so well Im just saying, no offense.

They also brought Griffin out onto the feild for the pregame cointoss which is ironic because most people in the USA cant make head or tails of why Kirk Cousins isnt the week 1 starter for Washington. Griffin and the Redskin’s are playing at Houston this weekend, so this week RG3 left his work in DC to travel to Texas then hes going back to DC then back to Texas again- that reminds me of a nother guy who also just happened to be at Baylor this weekend:

Thats right RG3 literaly PUNCHED the former President of the United States, or at the very leased it was a terrorist fistjab. Just when you think Griffin cant sink any lower he hauls of and assaults the leader of the free world. You know RG3 and Bush have alot in common- Griffin’s quaterback rating is about the same as Bushs approval rating, every body seemed to love them in there first years, and neither one looks like they have a plan once they get into enemy territory. Im kidding of course folks one choked on a pretzel and the other chokes on the wishbone.

More pics of babys day out at Baylor can be found at the DCSportsBog if your into that type thing. RG3s from right outside Ft Hood but youd think he was born in Annapolis with all this naval gazing folks.

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