Robin Hood Exists And She’s A Young Florida Girl Who Climbs Into Claw Machines

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04.21.14 5 Comments

We already know that despite looking like endless troves of wonderful treasure that children of all ages simply must get their hands on, claw machines are diabolical contraptions of pure evil put here on Earth by Satan himself. For starters, they’re basically rigged mechanical scams that force children to beg their parents for quarters, so they can pump those little slots full of endless currency with the blind hopes of receiving something worthwhile for their efforts. Hell, if anything, claw machines are metaphors for modern commerce. And in the end, when the parents are out of quarters (and patience), and the child is still empty-handed? Now they’re just climbing into the machines so they can have cheap, poorly-made toys and other crap.

Fortunately, one young girl in Ft. Lauderdale has declared war on the evil empire of claw machines, as she was spotted by an Imgur user inside a machine and handing out toys to all of the children around her. While we don’t necessarily condone criminal efforts, even by adorable kids, if she happens to see a bottle of Pappy in there, I’ll reward her handsomely for it.

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