Robot Snake To Replace The Whale In My Nightmares

08.19.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

The Hirose-Fukushima Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has unveiled their newest iteration of an amphibious snake robot called ACM-R5.  It combines water-proof bellows with universal joints covered with passive wheels and paddles, the latter helping it travel nearly as fast in water as it does on land.

As you can see in the video embedded below, the ACM-R5 moves like a real-life snake – even in water. Each joint comes with its own CPU, motor and battery to make sure they can work independently. [CrunchGear]

That’s right, when the robot snakes come for you (and they will) don’t even bother seeking refuge in the ocean.  They will only drag you into the briny deep, then make boots out of you just for the irony.  Frickin’ hipster amphibious robot snakes.  How do they keep their keffiyehs on when they don’t have shoulders?  Oh, they make me so mad.

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