Rock Me, Chewbacca

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If you had your fervent hopes for a Star Wars musical briefly indulged then dashed by the 1978 issue of MAD Magazine and the story misreported by several blogs after a misunderstanding about the nature of a John Williams concert, then this post is for you. (Weirdo.)   There was a Star Wars musical in 1996 based on Star Wars: A New Hope and performed by teenagers.  It was written and directed by high school students Garrin Hajeianm, Kevin Bayuk, and John Zuckerman with a musical score co-opted from other plays:

The music that accompanies the lyrics isn’t original—the creators married their words to arrangements from musicals such as Godspell and Les Miserables plus other songs—but hearing the Mos Eisley cantina scene sung to the tune of “One Night in Bangkok” is just fine with us. [Blastr]

Unfortunately, the play only ran three nights before a cease-and-desist order from George Lucas arrived.  Now the play is online.  The first five parts are below, and you can watch the last part at Salon.  Or you can do what I did: not watch the last part and assume there was a huge explosion next to a wormhole which somehow sent a shockwave into the past and killed Jar Jar Binks.  That’s how it should have ended anyway.

The last part of the play is available at Salon.

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