Roger Sterling's 'Sterling Scooper' Will Roam Your Hillsides With Fictional Ben & Jerry's Goodness

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When I read “This is probably going to be my last ice cream” in an email from our buddy Jon Defreest I knew I was going to share the latest creation regardless of the subject matter. Luckily for me the new pop culture flavor is dedicated to my personal spirit guide, Roger Sterling, and pretends to contain top shelf vodka with flakes of Sterling’s gold. Chocolate cigars sound simultaneously delicious and like they’d leave me feeling like a cat sh*t in my mouth the next morning, but I definitely want to give them a try.

My only complaint is that the container lacks a semi-slanderous reference to doing business with the Japanese. That inspired me to explore the Roger Sterling tag on Sterling Archer Draper Pryce. Low and behold there was simply too much goodness for me not share some of it here as well. Makes for a nice flaky compliment.

Source: Vulture

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