Roland Is Bringing Back The 808 Drum Machine

01.15.14 4 years ago 12 Comments


With the demand of the 808 drum machines sound peaking, folks are digging in flea markets, eBay, and their parents attics for the authentic music hardware from the ’80s. Roland has been cashing in with their 808 emulators for iOS for a while to comfort beat-makers needs. But yesterday, they announced their dip into remaking their classic Aira TR-808 Rhythm Machine with a 21st century touch.

This new machine, coined the Roland TR-808, hasn’t been given a price-point and no specs have been revealed. Other questions still remain, like will be have dual analog and digital and will it include 909 sounds. But, a photo leaked of the new hardware (seen below) letting the world know that more good news is on the way.

Check out the teaser video of Roland’s announcement.


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