Rolando McClain Allegedly Yelled ‘F-ck Da Police’ At The Cops

04.22.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

Oft-arrested Ravens linebacker Rolondo McClain was busted again over the weekend for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama. Early reports of the incident had already indicated that the arrest was in due in part to McClain cursing at the cops when the police arrived to break up a fight that erupted out of a basketball game. However, when it comes to obscenity, it’s always important to get the specifics.

A lieutenant from the Decatur police appeared on a Baltimore sports radio show to explain what happened.

Police had been called to a park in Decatur because of reports of a disturbance. When police arrived, they heard someone in the crowd yelling “f— the police” as they tried to get the scene under control.

“It appeared that whoever it was was trying to get the crowd stirred up,” Crouch said. “They eventually identified the person in the crowd, moved in and told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. At which point, he tried to jerk away. The officers grabbed his arms, he continued to struggle, trying to pull the officers further into the crowd. They did eventually get handcuffs on him. At that point, they recognized him as Rolando McClain.”

The incident certainly won’t do wonders for McClain’s future in the NFL, but if this is the end, it’s one of the more trill ways to exit the league.

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