“Romance Is Back…”

12.05.08 9 years ago 19 Comments

GV the Saltine — yo, that “Romance Is Back” track was missing from the zip file. Gotty, could you up it separately or something?


Somehow, through the manic movements that were yesterday, track 10, entitled “Romance Is Back,” was left off the original link to the mixtape. A mistake was made. It pains me to admit such a thing. No use in crying over spilled milk. We are not those types of people. I’m always one to find the good in any situation & there’s some to be found in this one.

Now, we can give you that track and legitimately plug the project one more time without it being an annoyance.

Wafeek Feat._Karma_Estadje – Romance Is Back

In case you still need the full tape, here’s a download link with the previously forgotten track 10 included.

The Smoking Section & Trackstar the DJ Present Wafeek – The Aristocrats Mixtape

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