Ron Artest Makes Drinking Hennessy At Work A Song For All To Enjoy

12.28.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

At the time of the picture, Ron was potentially hungover.

Ron-Ron literally has to have the gonads of an elephant. Either that or he’s simply wired to function completely differently than the average human being. Society’s norms? Out the window? Constraints of public image and worrying about a job? Bish please. Otherwise, how else can you explain him waggin’ his Mutumbo finger in the face of Stern and the league by making this nice diddy with true emcee Reks, a track that capitalizes off Ron’s ability to get drunk @ the gig and still perform?

I’m such a fan of the guy, I’m going to go ahead and offer up my money for a preorder of his memoirs, knowing they’ll be a bestseller in the humor category. Knowing Ronald, he’s liable to release said book before he even retires.


Download — Reks Feat. Ron Artest – “Henny At Halftime”


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