“I’d Rather Be Loved…”

06.07.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

As a sucker for throwback love songs, Blue Magic’s “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely” has been in steady rotation for about three years. Even at seven-plus minutes, the sax, precise drums and overall chill of the song just put me at ease like none other. Since I’m closing in on 25 years young, however, I was unaware Blue Magic weren’t the original composers of the jam.

After hearing a shorter and more horn-driven version on Heart & Soul , I was enlightened to the OG by 70’s staple Ronnie Dyson. Upon returning home and researching, I realized that Blue Magic didn’t even start the trend of covering Dyson. Main Ingredient did. Then, Kingston singer Horace Andy added a vintage reggae vibe. So did Grammy-nominated singer/producer, Freddy McGregor. Actress and 80’s hit maker Miki Howard even sang the classic. Finally, somewhere along the line, Biff Tannen stole Grey’s Music Almanac and handed it off to the Indonesian teenage pop duo Joni and Louis Raptor…who proceeded to ruin everything.

Since the song outlived his soul and Ronnie Dyson’s classic record ended up crossing more oceans than most will ever see, not too much hate can be administered towards them sweaty-ass Raptor boys for their teeny-bop version.

Hysterically laughing, though? Another story altogether.


Download — Ronnie Dyson – “I Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely”


Download — Main Ingredient – “Just Don’t Want To be Lonely”


Download — Blue Magic – “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely”

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