Rudy Fernandez’s No-Look, Over-The-Head Alley-Oop To Kenneth Faried Was Pretty Awesome

01.05.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Kenneth Faried’s finish, fundamentally, is the craziest part of this clip. The young man from Morehead State scored his first two NBA points in spectacular fashion Wednesday night in the team’s 110-83 victory over the Sacramento Kings, rising up to dunk a ball that was, as the Nuggets’ color-commentator says, floating up by the square on the backboard. Ridiculous.

But, I can’t get over the pass from Rudy Fernandez. He had an uncontested layup, easy money, because of Ty Lawson’s hustle. Hell, at the very worst, he could have waited a second and dished off to one of the two trailers. No reason to get fancy, to take a chance. But instead of playing it safe, Rudy smoothly, casually, goes for the highlight. The man may never be a great player, but he’s got style.

Oh, and watch out. Denver is absolutely loaded with talented, interesting players, and they’ve bought into George Karl’s system. At the moment, they could beat any team in the West in a seven-game series.

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