VIDEO: A Disgusting Serial Sh*tter Keeps Sh*tting Outside This Guy’s House

07.19.13 4 years ago 25 Comments

Imagine leaving for work one morning and being hit with the faint smell of poo. For one man, that’s exactly what’s been happening.

A New Mexico man is asking the Internet for help in identifying the person who’s been pooping outside his home. Apparently, an unknown female jogger has been taking dumps while out on her weekend morning jogs. Early on, the anonymous man – who wants to be called “Bobby” – thought it was only a one-time thing and probably the work of a homeless person. However, security cameras say otherwise.

According to Bobby, the gross jogger has defecated outside his home at least four times, Easter Sunday being one of those times. So, she really just doesn’t give a f*ck about observing Holy holidays nor does she care about wiping her ass.

In the surveillance video posted below, the woman can be seen squatting down, letting loose and pulling her shorts back up, all before jogging along her merry way.

Bobby hasn’t reported the incidents to police because he thinks they won’t take him seriously. So, Internet, do your do and help nab this disgusting jogger for, as Bobby puts it, “malicious fecal distribution.”

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