Running of Da Coaches at Ditka Dash

12.01.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

It’s no surprise that Mike Ditka owes a lot of his post-football success to Saturday Night Live for the classic Superfan sketches (you could also say the same for George Wendt). And after appearing in advertisements from tees to insurance to his own collections of wine and meats, a proper event featuring Da Coach’s likeness was bound to happen.

Bears fans gathered at Soldier Field for the first annual running of the Ditkas. While exercise is contradictory to all that is watching football on Thanksgiving weekend, polish sausage and beer flowed into the mustachio’d mouths of runners during the afterparty. Ditka made an appearance as well, probably to help Bears fans temporarily forget about the run defense against Adrian Peterson on Sunday.

Runners dressed as Ditkas of years past, Superfans, Blues Brothers and yes, there was a Refrigerator running.



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