Russ Bengston & DJ Clark Kent Talk Jordan 8s, adidas OGs, Reeboks + Resellers

05.18.13 4 years ago

In what is their season finale, Russ Bengston and DJ Clark Kent’s doesn’t have any special guests as they’ve done in a few of the previous updates. Instead, the latest Quickstrike episode features the bare bones of the show: the two OGs and sneakers.

“DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengtson are back with the latest episode of Quickstrike. This week they discuss the highly anticipated return of one of Allen Iverson’s best sneakers, the Answer I from Reebok, as well as the latest colorway of the Air Jordan VIII and a new collection from Vans Vault. This week’s shot clock topic is also one you won’t want to miss, as Clark and Russ discuss one of the most controversial subjects in sneakers, resellers. Love or hate them, they’re a part of this sneaker thing, and you might be surprised what two OGs like Clark and Russ have to say about it.”

Their easygoing chats are why I click play each time a new ep pops up because there’s a lot of honesty between the convos Russ and Clark share with the camera. Their back-and-forth banter resembles much like a every day talk between to regular cats who have a passion for footwear and are willing to listen to opinions and info as much as they talk about their own take on things.

Watch, listen and, maybe, learn.

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