Russell Westbrook’s Crossover Leaves Luke Ridnour Floored

12.26.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

For as much sh*t as Russell Westbrook takes for his controversial ball distribution habits, the fact still remains he’s one of the more freakishly talented basketball players on the face of the Earth. There’s no bigger fan of #0 than our good brother Ed The Sports Fan, but we here at TSS still have faith in the young whipper snapper as well. And when he’s doing stuff like what you’re about to witness, it’s almost as if “why wouldn’t you?”

Shortly before halftime of last night’s game against the new look Minnesota Timberwolves, Russell found himself at the top of the key with Luke Ridnour. Now, to Luke’s credit, he’s not a bad guard, and a player who is serviceable coming off the bench. We’ll just credit what happened next to this being lockout rust because Westrbook went one way and Ridnour’s body went the opposite and the next thing you know there was a converted layup and a loud “thud” hitting the hardwood. The announcer’s “whoa” doesn’t make it any less noticeable either.

Where’s the “Oh, baby!” And 1 guy when you need him?

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