We’re All Here For Russell Westbrook Power Dunks (Or At Least We Should Be)

11.07.13 4 years ago 6 Comments


Rebound. Coast-to-coast. Emphatic slam. Why, yes, Russell Westbrook appears to be healing from knee surgery quite admirably.

Can Young Russ be maddening to watch at times? Of course, but so can every other player in the league. That and Westbrook is firmly planted as one of the NBA’s most entertaining and DVR-worthy players we’re blessed to watch hoop.

After a desperation shot Jose Calderon hoisted at the end of the shot clock, the fashion killer grabbed the rebound and went 90 feet appearing as if he’d been shot out of a cannon resulting in his first symbolic “I’m back!” moment in his return to action. Oklahoma City coasted to the 107-93 win over Dallas (who has been impressive in their own right thus far) behind Russy’s 22 points, Kevin Durant’s 23 points and 10 rebounds and Serge Ibaka’s 17 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks.*

The only regret from the clip is the call. Don’t get me wrong, Mike Tirico and Jeff Van Gundy are fine at their jobs. But a play like this deserves the Gus Johnson treatment. Or better yet, living legend Bill Raftery shouting, “Send it in, Jerome!”

Sure, it’s impossible, but find peace in the fact knowing we’re entering the portion of the sports calendar permitting NFL, NBA, college football and basketball; the annual reminder God loves all his little sports-obsessed children.

Anywho, for those wondering, unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until December 29 for OKC’s first matchup versus Houston – in other words, the first chance Russy has to extract revenge against Patrick Beverly with a 40+ point exorcism.

Photo: CJZero

* – Perhaps the most encouraging performance came from Jeremy Lamb who added 13 points off the bench on 4-7 FG, including three triples. Rookie center Steven Adams continues to earn his keep, too. Despite any racial inaccuracies, he earned Dirk Nowitzki’s respect already.

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