Ryan Hemsworth – COOL DJ MIX

04.03.14 4 years ago

ryan hemsworth cool dj mix

After listening to Ryan Hemsworth’s most recent offering – the kaleidoscopic COOL DJ MIX – all we’re left wondering is how the hell this guy does it.

How does this Nova Scotia producer/DJ continually blend so many unique styles into one cohesive sound? How does he absorb so much music and simultaneously make it his own? Delivering 60 minutes of seamless music isn’t easy in itself. Yet, Hemsworth does just that with a combination of electo R&B, indie dance, trap rap, my favorite Alanis Morissette song, foreign delicacies and an overall abundance of eclectic moods that are appropriately inspired by “life, death, technology, rap music, Japan, being a cool DJ, kissing, cuddling, feeling hurt, feeling happy, feeling dumb, and other feelings.”

Therefore, there’s bound to be something that will strike a chord amidst this journey in sound. While you’re in flight, we’re going to be upping our resources in order to tap into some of these odd-ball sub-genres Hemmy’s putting on display and we’re clearly missing out on.

Oh, and make sure to catch Ryan rocking out Europe during his upcoming tour, if you happen to be so lucky.

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COOL DJ INTRO (Sarah Bonito)
DIRGE – mssingno glitch
Tomggg – harusaki
Smany – Sherbet (Madegg Remix)
lontalius – yr heart is beating
abhi//dijon – Twelve
Son Lux – Rebuild (Baths Remix)
KPP – Slowmoooooo
Rook Milo – Kawaii Kingdom
karate chop hwaaaaaAAAA
Tennyson – Aphasia Rewinding (just a lil snippet)
Virtuoso The God – THAZMYSHYT (this is a Goldlink instrumental)
goodbye sky harbour <33333
Tennyson – No Answer
Silkersoft – Wasserlevel
Basenji – Dawn
Raph Lauren – Home
Murlo – Bowed
Politru – final found
DZA – Sakura
Ryan Hemsworth – Weird Life (Druid Cloak Remix)
Tayutafu – Afternoon Tea ppa3
no rest 4 the wikked
Nomak – Chrystaline
Y E ? R S – ????
Houdinne – Damn
Ricky Eat Acid – Big man’s last trip outside
the WORST taste in music
Dawn Golden – I Won’t Bend
Brendan Johnson – Da Art Of Storytellin (Bootleg)
some dramatic piano song i made for a documentary that never came out
Ricky Eat Acid – White Roses
unreleased Tink verse
team rockit – hymn (anima)
Evian Christ – Waterfall
Jonah Baseball – Louisville Slugger
Lido – I Finally Came To Love You (demo)
Nothing is Real (Ticklish Edit)
DOSS – Here Tonight
Jessy Lanza – Move Closer
Head Over Feet (Schwarz Trap Bootleg)
A. G. Cook – Money On A Gold Plate
Kero Kero Bonito – My Party (bo-en Remix) (i added stuff to it without asking lolz)
P. MORRIS – Air Over Kansas
Tree – Probably Nu It (with intro from dat Beck song)
Branchez – Told Me
Tokyo Hands – what u said before…
Blank Banshee – Cyber Slums
ex girl collection
Gridline – Shortlife Dreamline
Shlohmo – No More (outro so pretty omg)
Wet – No Lie (acapella so pretty omg)
DJ Paypal – Sonnade
Spooky Black – without u (acapella so pretty wow)
move that dewp
P. MORRIS – Submission (Devil Mix) (i added stuff without asking hehe)
Ryan Hemsworth – First & Last Kiss (with Maurice)
Charles Spearin – Mrs. Morris

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