Ryan Tannehill’s wife left his assault rifle in the backseat of a rental car

01.15.14 4 years ago 119 Comments


What started out as a thread on reddit after one user submitted the picture of a gun found in the trunk of a friends’ rental car took a turn for the hilarious when it was revealed that the weapon belonged to Ryan Tannehill, and was left behind when his wife Lauren returned their rental car. The gun is legally registered to Ryan, who had reported a missing item to the rental car company but received “the run around” much like the Dolphins defense this year. Here’s a pic of the modified AR-15 that she left behind:

My friend and her mom just rented a car at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood airport and found this in the back seat... - Imgur

You might remember Lauren as the only notable part of Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins except for the part where Chad Johnson got cut. Police say they were able to confirm that it was definitely Tannehill’s gun by the way he stared down the safety when he came to claim it.

Here are some other items of note that have been found in the trunks of rental cars returned by NFL QBs:


  • Tiffany Rivers:cutler
  • Rebecca Griffin: jared
  • Deanna Favre: swedish
  • Ashley Manning: headon

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