Sa-Roc – “True Mastery” Video

01.23.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

sa-roc true mastery video

Atlanta sprouts artists on a bi-weekly basis. Trinidad Jame$ already told us that Atlanta run things and he wasn’t lying, whether folks want to accept it as the truth or not. What’s strange is Peach State rappers don’t just show up and make noise within the confines of the city. No, these characters hit the radio, Internet and/or media circuit with a small show of force, armed with a catchy single, a groomed persona and a tiny contingent of supporters.

Unfortunately, many of those that get the majority of exposure are cut from the same fabric that’s available in wholesale. That’s why it’s kind of dope to see an artist like Sa-Roc show up to highlight the differences out there. Here, she drops the video for her first single “True Mastery,” directed by Tommy Nova and produced by Sol Messiah.

Sa-Roc isn’t the antithesis of everything currently associated with the A, she’s just a different side of the city. It’s hard not to pigeonhole her as a “conscious rapper” when she’s firing off jewel-laced lines throughout the song’s duration, but before pressing play, just make sure your listening ears are ready because this is hard-hitting Hip-Hop regardless of the content.

“True Mastery” will be featured on her upcoming album Nebuchadnezzar.

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