Saddest Day Of The Year Open Thread

02.10.13 5 years ago 55 Comments

It’s the first Sunday without football since the beginning of September and the first of a long, miserable streak of football-less Sundays without the NFL until the preseason gets underway in August. That makes this the most agonizing day of the year. All we can do is try to relive the football we enjoyed. It’s hard to start thinking about next season without remembering the yawning gulf of time that remains before then. One way to waste a few minutes is to watch this video that two Savannah State students made about their experience breaking into the Super Bowl. Turns out the utilities AND the security suck at the Superdome. Much luck to these two students getting this documentary made, as they could also land themselves in some trouble making evidence that they broke into the Super Bowl public.

Tonight marks the return of “The Walking Dead” TV series for the second half of its third season. Because I’m an insufferable snobby dork, I prefer the comic books and the video game to the AMC show, but the TV show has improved so far this season. Also, Hines Ward will be making his much-hyped cameo as a zombie on tonight’s episode.

NUMBELL ONE SMALTEST ZOMBIE! That said, zombies shamble faster than Hines could run in his playing days.

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