What This Little Girl Blew Out Of Her Nose Will Scare You Off Safety Pins Forever

Life & Culture Editor

In a world where every inanimate object is out to get you (and this is before the robot uprising even happens), it’s important that you know your enemy. And today’s lesson is this: Never trust a safety pin. Not around your house, not around your clothes, and certainly not around your face. That’s a lesson a little girl from Hemet, California, learned the hard way when it turned out that her horrifying sinus infections were caused by one of those tiny metal monsters lodged up her nose.

You know how long that thing was up there, friends? Six months. That’s half a year! How did she survive?

According to ABC 7, five-year-old Khloe Russell had no idea what was going on when she started spewing smelly green slime from her nose. Neither did her mother, who took her to specialist after specialist, each diagnosing the girl with a sinus infection and treating it with medications that did nothing. It was only when her uncle — not a doctor — told her to just let go and sneeze real hard did a safety pin come shooting out of Khloe’s nose, horrifying everyone around her and turning her into a mini celebrity for her trouble.

How did the safety pin, which was “bigger than her nose” even get up Khloe’s schnozzer? Turns out her parents allowed her to build castles with the pins and she just stuck one up there for safekeeping and then completely forgot about it (as you do, after you’ve put a sharp metal object in one of the last places it belongs).

Just so you know, the safety pin (which probably started out nice and shiny) had turned black and was disintegrating by the time it came out. If that doesn’t scare you away from ever using one again, it’s likely nothing will.

Khloe’s fine now, and she’ll probably look back on this and laugh someday. Let’s hope, though, that this is the end of her struggles with household objects. We don’t want her turning into this woman who almost had to have her hand amputated after a run-in with a hair tie.

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