Wait No More: Saheer’s ‘Impatient Years’ EP

06.08.14 3 years ago

Saheer Impatient Years

It’s hard not to respect an artist who wears many hats. Saheer’s Impatient Years EP is almost entirely self-made from the ground up with him handling most of the production, mixing, and even mastering.

And while it’s pretty clear that rapping is his strength, you have to tip your cap to Saheer for being able to take care of the other elements. Case in point, from the beat on “Vices” you can tell fairly easily that he has some skill on the keyboard, the instrument that comprises most of the sound.

On the first half of the EP especially, the energy from Saheer’s raw energy and passion bleeds through his words. The hunger’s easily heard in his voice and he’s dedicated to refining his craft. And while there’s still room for improvement, Impatient Years is a strong, albeit short body of work that serves as an interesting introduction to this artist out of the Bay Area.

Stream the project for free below, then download it here. And support the Dizzy Wright-assisted single, “Vices,” over at iTunes, if you’re so inclined.

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