Who Said It? ProFootball Player Or ProFootballTalk Commenter?

11.07.13 4 years ago 71 Comments


Good morning folks- you can tell its a good morning because Jeff Ireland finaly got injected into the Dolphins bullying story theres nothing like you’re boss telling you to punch your corworker in the nose to get you amped up about goign to work. Today I want to play just kind’ve a fun game with you all called “Who Said It?: ProFootball Player or ProFootballTalk Commenter” to see whose been delivering the stronger takes on the Incognito “fiasco”

Lets seperate the wheat from the shaft shall we? Note- for the most part I hired a consultent to clean up the spelling on the PFT comments accept for 1- lets see if you can find it.

Exhibit A:

You’re a man. You’re not a little boy. You’re not a freshman in college. You’re a man.

Exhibit B:

I’m starting to look at the team as complicit, and wonder if Martin isn’t just the product of litigious parents acting in sniveling fashion here.

Exhibit C:

you take the bully and you kick his butt, I mean you go to ‘fist city’ with this guy

Exhibit D:

Richie was just trying to spur Jonathan on to have a good off-season

Exhibit E:

The Glee generation has no idea how to deal with people that aren’t giving them a trophy.

Exhibit F:

Either you talk about it or you get physical. But at the end of the day, you handle it indoors.

Exhibit G:

You have to rap a few of them on the beak before they except you. Made some of my closest friends that way. Not a solution for everyone but it can be effected.

Exhibit H:

I’m sorry but after talking to me like that man code one has been violated

Exhibit I:

I wish it was me I would have busted him in his mouth


A- NFL Player Lydon Murtha

B- PFT Commenter Mr. Right 212

C- Former NFL Player Mike Ditka

D- NFL Player Mike Pouncey

E- PFT Commenter OneBucPlace

F- NFL Player Murtha again

G- PFT Commenter Fusstr8edFinFan

H- PFT Commenter Redskinfansince82

I- NFL Player Brian Orakpo


Lot’s of folks out there want to punch Richies face and to there defense he does have one of the more punchable faces in the NFL so Im cool with that but I bet hed hit you back twice as hard while waring one of his black teammates rings that he stole as a joke. Lets just not get racist and start using the c-word folks Ive got my eyes on you.

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