Saints And Jimmy Graham Reach Long-Term Deal

07.15.14 3 years ago 60 Comments

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Just hours before the Tuesday afternoon deadline for Jimmy Graham to either accept his tight end-designated franchise tender for 2014 or sit out the season, the Saints and Graham agreed to a long-term deal that is believed to make him the the highest-paid tight end in league history, which is another way to say very well paid, but still not as high as the top-tier wide receivers currently playing.

According to Adam Schefter, the deal is four years for $40 million with $21 million guaranteed. Luckily that’s a fair amount of guaranteed, because Jimmy just let the world know he has some sort of bizarre blood disease. Feel better soon, buddy!

Compared to what the top receivers are making on a per-year basis, this puts Graham about even with Brandon Marshall, though below the likes of Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Percy Harvin, Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe and Vincent Jackson. Megatron and Fitty might be easy to take; Bowe and Mike Wallace: a little less so.

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